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Greek Community School of Calgary

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february, 2023

Greek School

Welcome 2021/22 Students!

Greek school of Calgary

The Hellenic Community School of Calgary was first established in 1963 to teach, preserve and promote the Greek language to children of Greek descent. Maintaining our language and culture is just as important to our community today as it was back then. Making sure our future generations know about the immense accomplishments and contributions that their ancestors made to the world at large is fundamental to creating pride in our Hellenic heritage. Building a connection to our language, our customs and our community is what makes our Hellenic community grow. A key component of helping to build that connection is our Greek Community School.

The school offers classes for children from Preschool to Level 6, and Greek Language & Culture 15, 25, & 35 for students who want to advance their Greek and obtain credits towards their Diploma.

Message from the principal

Welcome to Community Greek School of Calgary!

I am honored to serve you as a principal for the third year. Our school has celebrated the 58th anniversary and completed a successful academic year 2020-2021. By offering online and in person lesson delivery we met our expectations and won the challenge. Our school community can be proud of the continuity of the language program. We are motivated by our love for the Greek Language and inspired by the support oof our families.

Nothing seems the same this school year but the smiling faces of our staff, were there to remind all that people make an institution vibrating and the program alive.

As this school year is heading to its end let me take the opportunity to thank our educators, our support staff, the Greek School Committee and of course all of you for your determination and your dedication to the Greek Heritage.
Kind regards,

Vasiliki Koutroumpi

Mabel's Label's has teamed up with Greek School!

This is an ongoing fundraiser which started in June 2019 and will continue through the 2020-2021 school year.

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Thank you for your support!

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